Tonique & Man Chat 70’s inspirations, Harry Styles and Spotify playlists

Jean Tonique is a producer, multi-instrumentalist with several EPs, albums and remixes to his credit. Solar music, sometimes house, always tinged with disco and funk. During live sets or DJ sets, European, Asian or American tours allow him to distill his music throughout the world. Mi Man is a film music composer and songwriter, trained in orchestration and composition between New York, London and Paris. He shares his life between film music and songwriting. In 2021 he released ‘All day long’, a first EP of 4 tracks full of softness and nonchalance. We go one on one with Tonique & Man for an exclusive 1 on 1 chat.

Who are Tonique & Man in Three Words only? 

Friends making music !

-Tell us about your new album ‘Opening Soon’?

‘Opening Soon’ is out debut album, 11 songs we composed and wrote during a week in Normandy back in February 2021. Coming from different musical backgrounds, but working on each other’s music for a while, we decided to unite and create a band together. After a lot of production work, some strings recordings in Paris and a lot of brainstorming on the graphic environment, we’re super happy to release the first Tonique & Man album, in which we put everything we love to make the album we wanted to listen to!

-What top 5 tracks would we find on your Spotify or iTunes playlist? 

Benny Sings – Big Brown Eyes

Tavares – Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel

Harry Styles – As It Was

Jungle – Back On 74

The Bee Gees – More Than a Woman

-Who are your musical inspirations? 

It goes from 70’s disco bands like Chic or The Bee Gees to 80’s Queen or Talking Heads to contemporary bands like Parcels or Jungle but also some electronic stuff like Daft Punk or Etienne de Crécy.

-What embarrassing songs might we find on your Spotify? 

Mi Man : probably some Usher song like DJ got us fallin’ in love…

Jean Tonique : maybe Justin Bieber – Love Yourself, but I don’t really find it embarrassing, the song is dope!

-Who would be your dream collaboration?

We both love Benny Sings music, and the first song we wrote as Tonique & Man was before playing a Mi Man live show opening for him, so it would make sense! 

-What hidden talent(s) do you have? 

We can bake pizzas pretty well!

-Describe your style to us?

It’s always a tricky question because we think it’s other’s role to define the style we’re making. It’s a blend of all the music we love, digested and processed to create something of our own : disco, funk, pop, electronic music all together at once.

-Finally – what have you got lined up for 2024? 

Gigs, pizzas and some new music on the way !!