Young Paris on The Diversity in Fashion, New Projects & More Music!

Young Paris is not slowing down, anytime soon.  In the first week of May, he has already dropped a new album, Bad Guys, and released his new collaboration with Instagram.  The story filter, “Young Paris face” is a replica of his manquillage (traditional face paint), which he also wears everyday; paying homage to his father.  To top it off, Paris just announced that he will be dropping a new music video every week, on his Youtube channel.  Clearly, Paris is taking advantage of his time in quarantine, but from the looks of his IG, he’s still living his best life; smoking cigars and drinking Ace of Spades champagne!

We were able to catch up with Paris, front row at Laquan Smith’s runway show, during NYFW 2020. Check out what he has to say about the diversity in fashion, and what new projects are in the works.

Production: ADDY.Media | Host: Gita Cellei | Editor: Alexander Killian

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