Naeem Khan: Couture Designer for Icons Michelle Obama & Catherine Middleton, NYFW 2023

Step into the dazzling world of Fashion Designer Naeem Khan, the magician of couture who sprinkles opulence and glamour wherever he goes. Born in the vibrant city of Mumbai, India, Khan inherited a passion for textiles and fashion from his family’s rich background. Wedding dresses, Bridal Fashion, Celebrity Fashion… all his Runway Collections are known to be Red Carpet Fashion and known to be Iconic Dresses. His handcrafted fashion and Glamorous Designs are a Fashion Inspiration.

How best to describe his creations… Think intricate details, luxury vibes, and a spicy mix of East meets West worn by VIPs of red carpets, strutting alongside A-listers like Michelle Obama, Beyoncé, and Catherine Middleton Princess of Wales and Queen Noor of Jordan. But wait, there’s more! Naeem Khan’s runway shows aren’t just walks; they’re dance-offs at events like New York Fashion Week, turning every showcase into a fashion fiesta.

Naeem Khan For the first time ever, DistractTV’s Gita Cellei caught Naeem behind the scenes in his atelier, where all the magic happens. When we say exclusive, this was a discussion on India becoming a superpower, his view on sustainability, and how he setting up for GLOBAL domination. His Summer/Spring 2024 collection is nothing but decadent food for the eyes.


Host: Gita Cellei

Production: StyleCultureTV

Location: New York City

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