Stay cool AF with these trends for 19’

You’ve stumbled upon this page because you’re probably thinking, “What should I be wearing for spring next year??” Wait… You’re not?? You should be. If not, that’s totally okay! However just because you probably aren’t, doesn’t mean I can just let you all walk out of your houses, into public, NOT looking your best! Since you’re here, and I want the best for everyone, I’ll let you in on a small secret of what is going to be coming up in 2019 for the trend forecast!

The Women-Get the 2019 look book

So ladies, are you ready to shed your Over-sized sweater cocoons? Ready to glow up???  Ready to be that beautiful fashion butterfly, the one that everyone wants to catch but can’t have?? Don’t be shy, you can be honest…yes!! I know you are!! (Don’t worry men, I’ll get to you soon, stay put, and just watch your ladies transform!!)

You’ll be a lot more put together than this past year. There will be SO many more ensembles in your closets. I know you’re all probably used to mixing and matching. Most likely pulling pieces from last weeks fashion haul, and pairing it with today’s outfit. Walking out in last minute outfits that you probably had to go through multiple articles of clothing just to get correctly. However, in 2019, you’re going to have to plan these ensembles out day by day! It’ll take a lot of work, but your New Years resolution is to be more organized, right? Why not start with your fashion?


Plan to put away any heavy knits/over sized sweaters, and thigh high socks. Trade those bad boys in for sorbet colors, cute cardigans, oversized Men’s dress shirts, cute graphic tees, and chunky statement shoes. You’ll spend your time mixing your sorbets, with more neutrals. When you’re walking out the door, don’t forget to throw on a pair of statement glasses.

There is nothing wrong with looking through a pair of rose colored lenses now. It’ll brighten your mood, along with having others do double takes!


Skinny Jeans

Oversized sweaters

Statement tote bags

Thigh high socks

Dreamy Sorbets
Statement sunglasses
Chunky sports shoes
Men’s button down: styled either as a dress, paired with a clear belt. Or styled with a pair of clean pants and worn with those chunky sports shoes.
The Men’s  -get the 2019 Look
Now for my men! Sorry to keep you guys waiting! This is for the ones who are trying to find your style. You’re all a different story. It’s a scary world out there in the fashion world. However you are not alone. I will be taking your hand, and guiding you through it. Before you know it, you’ll be soaring. For the men who have an upper hand on the style charts. Plan to play your best hand everyday!
Pack up those plain skinny jeans, plain graphic tees, and plain tennis shoes. We’ll be wearing, chest harnesses, paper bag waist pants cinched at the waist, along with animal print. Also don’t forget your accessory! It doesn’t hurt to throw a bag in with your outfit!
You have the option of using a Supreme handbag as your everyday bag, to using a fanny pack turn across the shoulder. You will be spending more time mixing and matching, bold reds, with clean blacks, with touches of animal print to show your wild side.
Graphic Tees
Skinny Jeans
Plain shoes
Chest harnesses
Animal Print
Oversized Pants
Oversized blazers, cinched at the navel, styled with layered belts, one for functionality, two or more for style.
I’ll see you next time, Stay fashionable guys!!
   Always, Harris Maxwell”
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