WooLeeX: Why They Are On Our Emerging Designers Watch List

NYFW2020-In Global Fashion Collective’s first show this season, Taiwanese fashion designers, Jerry and Cynthia Hsieh of WooLeeX, successfully presented a striking marriage of their East meets West design aesthetic. Entitled, Welcome to My Garden, the brand enticed us with a stunning couture street fashion collection. As avid travelers and art aficionados, this collection was inspired by a trip to Butchard Gardens in Victoria, British Columbia and elements of their Taiwanese culture. Exquisite black and white hand made satin prints, created flowing, dreamy silhouettes which complemented the colorful pieces in the collection.

Additionally, vibrant colors were hand painted onto soft leather jackets and pants, accessorized by intricate braided tassels and complex embroidery. The most iconic look of the collection was a custom made brocade jacket for and modeled by Hip Hop artist, A$AP TyY of the famous American Hip Hop artist collective, A$AP Mob. Bright gold, red, pink, green and blue flowers mixed with Taiwanese lion and dragon dance characters, were beautifully embroidered onto the custom jacket. A true show-stopper.

Founded in 2014, the brand plans to continue to draw inspiration from their travels, athletes and favorite Asian, American and Canadian Hip Hop artists. We can’t wait to see what they bring to the fashion scene next season!