Ty Hunter on his sexy handbag collection, Beyoncé & front row at The Blonds NYFW2023

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DistracTV’s Gita Cellei captures a moment with the legendary Ty Hunter at The Blonds NYFW 2023. Ty Hunter, a renowned American fashion stylist and designer, is celebrated for his pivotal role in shaping the iconic looks of global music sensation Beyoncé.

Beyond his collaborations with Beyoncé, Hunter has partnered with other celebrities, solidifying his status as a prominent figure in the fashion industry. His influential styling, seamlessly fusing high fashion with individual flair, extends to various fashion projects, leaving a lasting impact on popular culture and celebrity images.

Notable events you would have seen Ty’s magic would be the Grammys, Oscars, MTV VMAs, Emmys and so many more! Join us as we delve into Ty Hunter’s curated handbag line ‘Celestial Galaxy’, his take on Beyoncé on tour, and of course THE BLONDS!


Host: Gita Cellei

Production: StyleCultureTV

Location: New York City

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