Ruby Fang: The one to watch in 2024

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Ruby Fang, a part of Hong Kong La Windsor, is a Haute Couture brand founded by Lihua Fang in 2014. Guided by the inspiration of a girl crafting a legendary life, the brand masterfully fuses Eastern and Western aesthetics in its prestigious designs. Boasting a global team of top-tier designers, every creation harmoniously marries traditional Chinese embroideries with contemporary Western cuts, aiming to highlight the individual’s best and open doors to limitless possibilities.

Ruby Fang dazzled the audience at NYFW, presenting a captivating blend of glitz and glamour infused with a unique twist, transitioning seamlessly from a Western princess to the queen of the East. Each piece stood out remarkably, contributing to a sensational 2024 Summer/Spring collection!

Ruby won the ten ‘Outstanding New Hong Kong Young Persons’ of 2016 and since then she’s been living her life to the fullest. Gathering inspiration from the bright lights of Hong Kong, the cool vibes of London, and the romance of Paris, Ruby’s designs are nothing short of a VIP party. This entrepreneur fashion designer is on our watch list for 2024.