Jordana Guimarães on Igniting Positive Change

Jordana Guimarães is a fearless woman whose motto is to, “Live Life to the Fullest”. Her relentless spirit has led to an amazing entrepreneurial journey; ultimately developing her two most recent companies, The Nylon Project and FASHINNOVATION.  With each venture igniting conversations in their respective communities, both aim to raise awareness and create social impact. 

Designer –  Layana Aguilar

Ever since Jordana can remember, she has led with her compassionate heart.  Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, she recalls feeling distraught every time she saw poverty stricken families. Jordana would beg her father to provide food or money, and help in any way that they could. Often, he’d jokingly say, “you’re going to be so poor when you’re older, even if you make all the money in the world.”

Living in NYC, Jordana never lost her humanitarian spirit and was inspired by these memories; ultimately creating The Nylon Project, in 2016. The purpose is to “put a face to” homelessness, in the city she calls home.  For its initial launch, Jordana started a GoFundMe page, to raise benefaction for the homeless community.  All funds were used to provide meals and while personally delivering them throughout the city, she listened to their stories.  Learning more about these individuals, she grew to understand that this could happen to anyone; prompting her to create a book, to humanize the face of homelessness.  With funding from Philanthropist, Susan Rockefeller, Jordana was able to recently publish the book titled,  “It Can Be You”.  Pre-orders are currently available here, and all proceeds will go to support the homeless.

Book Cover Art – Jason Naylor

After meeting now husband, Marcelo Guimarães, the couple decided to continue Jordana’s mission to promote change.  By combining their backgrounds, they created a platform uniting innovators to participate in forward thinking panel discussions, within fashion and technology.  The company FASHINNOVATION was born and successfully launched at NYFW 2018.  Normally an in-person conference, the Guimarães’ quickly adapted to the current pandemic, organizing their first virtual event in less than 3 weeks. 

On April 21 & 22, FASHINNOVATION’s Fashion Worldwide Talks 2020 brought together 80+ educators, designers, strategists, and activists from 119 countries. Partnering with the Conscious Fashion Campaign and UN Office for Partnerships, the panel engaged in thought provoking discussions surrounding the future of fashion.  Inspirators such as Diane Von Furstenburg, Fern Mallis, Mara Hoffman, Chromat, and Kenneth Cole, all participated from the safety of their homes.  Due to the overwhelming response from the first virtual conference, FASHINNOVATION will be hosting its second worldwide discussion on June 5th (World Environment Day) and June 8th (World Oceans Day). To attend, registration is available here.

We look forward to following Jordana as she continues to develop these two platforms; inspiring others to be more mindful, on a global scale.

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